Glassy Shredder Sunglasses 'Black Floral'
Glassy Shredder Sunglasses 'Black Floral'
Glassy Shredder Sunglasses 'Black Floral'


Glassy Shredder Sunglasses 'Black Floral'

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Shredder Black Floral Glassy Sunhaters Sunglasses.

Keep the harmful UV rays out of your eyes while shredding! F the sun! Plus chicks love them.

  • Flower Wrap Print
  • UV 400 Proctected lens
  • Durable Metal lining on the lens
  • Soft adjustable gel pads for comfort
  • Glassy Logo on both sides of arms 
  • Comes with a Microfiber cloth pouch. 

Glassy provides skateboarders with affordable and quality sunglasses. For skateboarders by skateboarders! The Glassy Sunhaters team consists of the most talented skateboarders in the world featuring Guy Mariano, Daewon Song, Cory Kennedy, Rick Howard, Stefan Janoski, Jaws, Brandon Biebel, Jeron Wilson, Matt Miller, Jose Rojo, Kenny Anderson, Brian Anderson, Dan Drehobl, Mike Mo Capaldi, Mikey Taylor, Davis Torgerson, Mango, David Loy, Ryan Reyes and Shawn Hale. What more can you ask for?

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