Not All Juan-der are Lost

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Going to work everyday is an adventure for me. We all have a love/hate relationship with commuting but when I’m in the jeep and I see all these different people with different destinations and probably even more different perspectives, I can’t help but feel that sense of unity. We all go through the same shit: the traffic, the heat, the crowd but we all just want to get to our destination.


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It’s humbling as we're all on the same boat when commuting, or should i say, jeepney. People from all walks of life traveling at the same pace together. Even though you don’t get the luxury of being in your own car with air conditioning and your Spotify premium playlist blasting through your speakers, you do get the little luxuries of seeing other people during the little in-betweens and hearing about their own stories.

Riding a jeepney is an experience where you can think and realize that people go through the same paranoia and anxiety whether that’s being late for work or something more personal but we all endure the trip anyway.


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Although figuring out the jeepney system for the first time can be daunting, don’t be scared. Take the wrong route, get lost, and use it as an opportunity to immerse yourself in your city and your people. You can always find your way back (especially if you have this shirt lol).

Ug ayawg kalimot ug plete, ayaw pang mokong kay tag siete ra na (SEVEN PESOSESOSES) and remember to always be nice to everyone. Share your fucking smile cause everybody’s stressed and you’re stressed too so don’t ruin the vibe.

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Let’s all be thankful for all the jeepney drivers, their wives, conduktors, pasaheros, and sign artists (who create Filipino typography) for helping us get to where we need to go.

Here’s to our daily journeys, our little #somethingincommon.

God bless our trip 🙂

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Words by Resbon Despi @resbondespi

Edited by Raphaella Bautista  @monsteraphy