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Margielyn Didal X NB Numeric’s 272 Sneakers is inspired by a Filipino Snack

Filipino Olympian skater Margielyn Didal has teamed up with New Balance Numeric once again.

A classic NB style, the 272 has been given a cultural makeover dedicated to Didal’s Cebuano roots.

The silhouette’s design is inspired by a classic Filipino snack called “puso,” which is a woven pouch made of coconut leaves packed with rice. The upper is crafted from black suede and mesh material, giving it a sleek look while providing a comfortable fit. The lateral boasts a gray checkered pattern that mimics the snack’s exterior after being weaved. Rounding off the footwear style are the insoles printed with “puso” and co-branding.

Skateboarding has always been a sport that embraces individuality and creativity. From the tricks to the style, skaters are constantly pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to express themselves. And now, there's a pure local skater who has taken this self-expression to a whole new level with a skate shoe model inspired by a local snack. Yes, you read that right - a snack!

What's the Scoop on this Snack-Inspired Skate Shoe?

Imagine a skate shoe that not only looks cool but also pays homage to a beloved local snack. This pure local skater, known for her unique style and love for her hometown, has collaborated with a renowned skate shoe brand to create a one-of-a-kind shoe that captures the essence of his city's culinary culture.

The shoe features a vibrant color palette inspired by the snack's packaging, with bold pops of red, yellow, and green. The design incorporates playful graphics that depict the snack in all its glory, from its crispy texture to its mouthwatering flavor. It's a feast for the eyes, quite literally!

Skate in Style, Snack in Style

But this skate shoe isn't just about looks. It's designed with performance and functionality in mind, so you can skate in style and snack in style. The shoe features a durable construction that can withstand the wear and tear of skateboarding, with reinforced stitching and a grippy outsole for maximum board feel.

And let's not forget about comfort. The shoe is equipped with cushioning technology that provides impact protection and support, so you can land those tricks with ease. Whether you're hitting the streets or the skate park, these shoes have got you covered.